Monday, February 27, 2017

WOW Everyone With Adobe Spark - Week 4

Adobe Spark is a free design tool suite that allows you to create graphics, web pages, and animated videos in seconds. You can use this tool on your computer browser or your iPhone & iPad. You can access Adobe Spark by logging in with your Google single sign-on or an Adobe ID. Spark contains three different tools:
Post, Page, and Video.

Once you login and click the yellow-circle plus-sign, you'll see this:
Three different creation options: Video (red circle), Page (blue circle), Post (green circle).

Adobe Spark Post
(for creating graphics/images)- Design custom social media images in seconds. You can upload your own photo as a background, search from tons of free photos, or even use solid color backgrounds. Add eye-catching text and in no time you can create images to be used for almost any reason imaginable: social media (with preset sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), memes, event invitations, custom graphics for presentations or projects, the options are endless. You can download your image to your computer or phone or tablet library. And the ease with which you can create all this on your phone is so great.
Choose what size you want your graphic to be i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Poster, Slide, etc.
On the top right, you'll find the tools you need to customize your graphic. 

Adobe Spark Page
(for creating a webpage) - Create magazine-style web pages in minutes. This is an easy and modern looking way to communicate information like newsletters, photos, reports, etc. You’ll find different page designs and layouts, colors, and text to use and can add photos and different text to customize. Everything comes to life by what’s called “Glideshow”; your page will have a smooth sleek motion to it. Sharing your page can be done via social media or by a direct link via email.   
When you begin creating your page, it looks like this:
Once you begin, you can click the plus-sign to add photos, text, buttons, videos, photo grid, glideshow.

Adobe Spark Video
(for creating animated videos)-
Create quick, beautiful, compelling animated videos. You can combine video clips and photos into your video plus add customized text, search free music, add your own personal music, or add your voice. There are different styles and themes to choose from to match your story and message.
You'll see an inspiring prompt that focuses on the story or idea right when you begin a new project.
To help guide your video creation, you can choose to a story template such as: Promote an Idea, Tell What Happened, A Hero’s Journey, Show and Tell, Personal Growth, Teach a Lesson, An Invitation, or Start from Scratch.
Easy to customize and navigate "storyboard" style template.

For your iPhone or iPad:


  1. Perfect! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to using this tech tool!


  2. Phil!! Thank you so much for reading and I'm so glad you found this helpful. I'll keep my look out for some of your Adobe Spark creations. :)