Monday, April 24, 2017

Become A Voyager With The New Google Earth

The new Google Earth launched and it is pretty amazing. Complete with those spectacular views from space, speedy fly-to places, and unbelievable 3D imagery and street views. Right now, the new Google Earth works in Chrome for the web, Android is coming very soon, and versions for iOS and other browsers are planned for the near future.

To visit the web version, go to: You’ll see a play button with this beautiful video:

Once you launch the new Google Earth for the first time, you’ll see Top 5 things to try with the new Google Earth:
  1. Ask Search for more - select a destination and go
  2. Learn with Knowledge Cards - discover and explore local landmarks
  3. Orbit the world in 3D - tilt and rotate the map with Shift + drag
  4. Take the helm with Voyager - choose your adventure
  5. Feeling Lucky? - see where the world takes you
Voyager, which is one of the new additions to Google Earth can really take you places and help you learn so much about the world around you.
“You can tour the world and learn about other countries using Voyager. Voyager is a collection of map-based stories written by Google Earth partners that’s updated weekly. You can see Guided Stories, or tours, on topics like travel, culture, nature, and history.” ~ Google Earth
Voyager takes you to different places and tells you about what's going on there using slideshows, text, images, and videos. They're divided into different topics: Editor's Picks, Travel, Nature, Culture, and History.

Take a look where Voyager can take you. There's even one that lets you visit Cherry Blossoms!
  • Travel 
    • Architecture by Zaha Hadid
    • Ultradistancia: Airports
    • Amazing Urban Gardens
    • Grand Canyon National Park
    • Explore Paris, Explore New York
    • Remote Islands
    • Explore cities like Mexico City, London, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro
    • Land Art From Above
    • Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom
    • Renowned Bridges, and more.
  • Nature 
    • Protecting Wildlife
    • Goodall, Gome and Google
    • Searching for Sharks in Street View
    • Revealing the Center of Life
    • The Mzansi Experience
    • Endangered Species Around the World
    • Zoos and Animal Parks
    • Treks: Samburu National Reserve, Kenya or the Galapagos Islands
    • National Parks of North America
    • National Treasures
    • Wildlife Preserves
    • World's Most Dramatic Mountains
    • Unusual Lakes
    • Explore Penguin Colonies
    • Reading the ABC from Space, and more.
  • Culture
    • Sesame Street Girls Around the World
    • Museums Around the World
    • Following Charles Dickens
    • Hemingway's Hangouts
    • Ultradistancia: Renderings or Wild Places
    • Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World
    • Land Art from Above, This is Home
    • Treks: Miniatur Wunderland or Kennedy Space Center:
    • Leaning Architecture
    • Frank Gehry Buildings
    • In the Footsteps of 007, and more.
  • History
    • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
    • Following Charles Dickens
    • Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World
    • Discover Machu Picchu
    • Lost Civilizations from Above
    • The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Here’s how Voyager works:
Click the down arrow when you visit 

You'll see the Google Earth Voyager symbol, a ship's wheel. Click CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE!
See all the different Voyager adventures: Editor's Picks, Travel, Nature, Culture, History.

Each adventure has a title, short description, and an EXPLORE button to begin your adventure.

Once you're in your Voyager adventure, notice how many different scenes are there on the bottom right corner, some let you see the places in 3D by clicking the blue circle with the person icon. 
Amazing Street Views! 

Watch this quick video to see how Voyager in Google Earth looks!

And, if you've ever wondered how Google Earth gets its' spectacular 3D imagery, you must watch this video by the amazing Nat And Friends. Simply awesome.

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