Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Google Docs Hidden Features - Week 9

If you’re a user of GSuite apps, then Google Docs is probably one you use very often. There are several "hidden" features built into Google Docs that can help make this app even more powerful than ever.

Here are seven of my favorite hidden features of Google Docs.
  • Changing the default font: By default, Google Docs will open up with Arial font. You may prefer a different font, though! Instead of needing to constantly change the font each time you open, you can easily change the default font to one you prefer. It’s easy. 
    • Type something in your Google Doc 
    • Highlight text 
    • Click Format > Paragraph style > Normal Text > Update ‘Normal text’ to match

  • Convert text: This is a feature that you might not need everyday, but when you do need it, it’s a life saver. You can convert text to:
    • UPPERCASE, make all letters in your selection UPPERCASE 
    • lowercase, make all letters in your selection lowercase
    • Title Case, make the first letter of each word Capitalized

  • Tag someone in comments: Collaboration is one of the most powerful features in Google Docs. While working in a Doc, you can tag someone in a comment to assign them an action item and to alert them via an email notification. 
    • To add a comment click Insert > Comment or 
    • Highlight text in a Doc and click the comment bubble 
    • In the comment field, add a + and start typing the person's name or email to select them
    • If they're a contact, the email will appear 
    • If they're not a contact, type the email address 
    • You may need to check the Share settings and make sure who you tag has editing rights

  • Send a Google Doc as an email attachment: It’s easy to attach and send your Google Doc via email without needing to open Gmail. This is a great option when you aren’t looking to collaborate but rather you simply need to send the file as an email attachment. 
    • Click File 
    • Email as attachment…
    • Select the file format you’d like to convert your Google Doc into so the person receiving it can open it.

  • Voice typing: Google Docs has voice recognition which can convert your voice to text. It works the same way you use voice recognition on your mobile device where you speak and use the necessary punctuation terms i.e. period, question mark, exclamation mark, comma. You can also say “new line” to begin typing on the next line. 
    • Click Tools 
    • Voice typing…
    • Click the microphone to begin voice typing 
    • Click the microphone again to stop

  • Set expiration date when sharing: To increase the security and accessibility of collaboration in Google Docs, you can set a time-limit to file sharing by setting an expiration date. Once the expiration date is reached, users will no longer have access to your document. 
    • Share your document 
    • Open the Share settings
    • Click on "Shared with people" 
    • Hover the mouse next to the person’s name and email 
    • Click on the expiration timer icon 
    • Set the days to expire (7 days, 30 days, or Custom)

  • Change autocorrect settings: You may find sometimes when you’re typing in your Google Doc you’ll see a word you type turn into something else. For example you type “to” and it turns into “too”. Google Docs has autocorrect settings that you can adjust. 
    • Click Tools > Preferences 
    • You can turn ON/OFF settings by checking the boxes next to the description 
    • Under Replace & With you can see which words are there and “X” out anything that doesn’t belong

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